We started back in 2008 and have become a prominent advocate for women’s equal human rights worldwide. Even though we focus to push the envelope for women, we are striving to bridge the cap with everyone for equality.


We help over 2,000 people per month learn and understand what equal human rights are for everyone. We continue to educate these advocates on women’s equal rights and civil rights weekly.

5 Million

Our website has been hit over 5 million times (a great milestone for us) since we started. This proves our mission to spread awareness and knowledge around women’s rights issues and how we can provide solutions to women’s suffrage.

Our Story

Every website, organization, and person has a story. We help you tell yours.

Women’s Rights World is here for you. Our goal is to empower everyone, not just women, for equal rights and global equality. We promote our reader’s and their stories, we provide updated information about key events, and we educate millions of users about equality and civil rights. If you have a story or past experience you’d like us to share, reach out.